Attributes of the workplace I want(need)…

You wanted a list? You get it here. Actually, I wanted it and I wanted to share and collaborate with you.

Me and Camera+

This is the follow-up to Intro to job search list.  When I looked at the title I realized it sounded like that should be the title for a list of the names of businesses.

Here we go.

Note – Page number where I got the ideas from Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership: 20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom from the Trenches book. (Affiliate link.)

Attributes of the workplace I want(need)…

  • Leadership focused, with everyone being a “team member” (page 3)
  • Service as the core.  Service to customers and team members
  • Passion for what is being done (page 19)
  • Mission statement for the business (page 26)
  • Goal oriented (page 31)
  • Follow the Golden Rule (page 70)
  • No debt and going “all in” is not an option (page 73)
  • Pay meets my needs/wants (page 144)
  • Honesty/integrity (page 175)
  • Family oriented

This is a quick list.  It is something that I wanted to get a clearer focus.

Some of these things I had before reading EntreLeadership (Affiliate link), but this excellent book along with others has helped in my learning about business.

Thank you for time.

K, bye

What would you add to this list?

Intro to job search list.

Something I have asked myself as of lately is “What am I looking for in a job?”

by me

I have felt for some time that I need to make a list of the things I do not want to help in my decision process.  My wise Yoda friend Emma said that I should start with what I want to do.  Right she was I know.  The  thing is I have never really had that childhood dream of “I want to be flying lemur trainer at a flea circus” or other typical dreams.  Now you may be wondering what my abnormal dreams have been and thinking I should start there and I have not wanted to be a waterfighter or a police person.  I should really focus on the things I know I want to do and get to the point where the things I want to do clearly filter out the things I do not want to do.  Also if I start categorizing what I do want to do, I might see something in that list with the proverbially skull and cross-bones on it that would actually fit me. 

When I was a youth, two things I  said I wanted to do was working at a church with children/youth  full-time and then at another point was to be a business owner.  The church part went away in that I have my faith, but I want to express it more outside of the church when it comes to a career.  The business owner was something that I decided I did not want to do after seeing people’s lives being run by their own business.  As I envision it now though, I am able to see myself running a business in some aspect.  Right now I see something that would be more of a residual income.

Through books and blogs and podcasts I have started to discover some firm foundations of what I want to see in a business in which I work at.  As with anything there are wants and needs.  Now there are few true needs as in food and shelter, but I see honesty as a need in business.

On another line, my view is that work should reflect oneself as clearly as possible.  If your reflection at work is like a fun house mirror of your true self, then how do you recognize yourself?  How will others see as being honest at home is your place of work is not?

Now to create a literal list…

That will be another blog.

Thank you for joining me as I look for the right reflective surfaces for me.

As Bradley Hathaway said in Manly Man poem, “I am not there yet, but past is start.”

K, bye

What stands out to you here?

Do you have a literal list? 

Who is the economy?

It is hard to go day without hearing “the economy” as an excuse.

I hear Dave Ramsey and Dan Miller and others reminding their audiences, “you are the economy.”

You and I are the economy.

If you are poor and the economy is rich, you are poor.

If you are rich and the economy is poor, you are rich.

We will all do the economy a favor, by not blaming it.  We must look at the positive.

Times are changing…that is not new.

Businesses are easier to create and the access and cost to create widgets is cheaper as a whole.

True, businesses are cutting back.  When we over spend it will catch up.  It is finally catching up.

The belts are getting tightened.

I speak having had the belt tightened at my previous place of employment and I was the excess removed two Fridays ago, May 2nd, 2012. (I might talk about that more later)

What I really want to share is the fact we should not use “the economy” as an excuse.  It just gives us something large and not directly touchable to blame.

So instead of blaming “the economy,” let us look at ourselves and at the advantages that comes with it…

K, bye

What is your take on these thoughts?

Christopher not Chris…

Me: “Hello, my is Christopher.”

Other person: “Hi Chris.”

My skull: “Who is that?”

Is it a big deal? No, but I find it funny. 

  • If my name was Robert, would the other person shorten it to Bob?
  • If my name was Richard, would  the other person shorten it to Dick?
  • If my name was William would the other person shorten it to Bill?
  • If my name was _______ would the other person shorten it to _______?

Rob, Rich and Will…

Growing up I went by Chris, so my family and older friends know me as Chris.  In high school I started to prefer Christopher.  Once college rolled around I went by Christopher as I met new friends.

K, bye

                                      How do people shorten your name?

The quiet audience…

Hello you! 

As you might be aware of, I listen to a large measure of podcasts.  What got my attention was that they often have hundreds (or less in the beginning) to thousands of listeners with few comments on them.  The speakers often ask for listener feedback, but seldom seem to receive any.  So after a long time of hearing this I realized how would I feel if I was doing a show and was getting little to no feedback.  Now the ones doing the show know that people are presumable listening due to being able to seeing how many downloads/plays they have, but are they hearing any feedback/a thank you?

What I started doing for the last couple of months is leaving a thank you and often something specific I enjoyed or got out of the show.  Mostly the responses are short, but every once in a while I leave something of length.  I prefer to leave a comment where the home of the show is located.  By doing this I feel that someone who sees the site will know that the show has a crowd with a voice.  If they do not have an area set up to comment I will @ mention them on Twitter as an acknowledgement.

I started doing the same for every YouTube videos and blogs I take in.  It is easy to type “Thank you” and maybe a short sentence.  This has caused me to not only cut back on what I take in, but has also has raised my level of appreciation for what I do take in.  By going back to what I saw/read/heard I am mentally chewing on it some more.

K, bye

How could you better acknowledge the speaker?

Bouncing on the diving board

Since the last post I had got out of the pool.

As 2011 wrapped up I worked a bit on goal setting.

I will focus on blogging on this post.

Currently I have my own URL’s and I purchased them via Hover.

They are forwarding over to an site at That site is set up like a business card with a picture and bio and links.

My current ideal would be to have a Squarespace site.  With their setup I would have hosting and the blogging platform all together and it would all be under and the overall management appeals to me .  The cost would be $13.33-22.22 a month, which is not something I wanting to do at this time. (

I could host my site for free using using what my father has for his business site, but I need to research that some.

Right now all I have is a URL and this blog, but it is

So what do I want any way?

I want:

  • Blog(This could be the home page)
  • Everything under
  • About me/Contact page
  • A page or two with links for different things
  • Ability to have my tweets on the home page
  • Search ability of site/blog
  • Good commenting system for the blog (Examples: Disqus or Livefyre)
  • Access to edit/blog/comment from any computer(iPhone app would be a bonus)
  • Ability to export the blogs and comments to Squarespace or something later

This is to get my thoughts out and explain where I am it in the process now.

I will keep this topic updated.

Thank you for the read.

K, bye

Update 3/1/2012:

- I just saw that people can now comment via Twitter and Bookface along with WordPress.

- is forwarding to, instead of the

Hello world!

Dear you,

Thank you for visiting my super amazing blog.  I am in the midst of working on my finances and career.

I am learning about finances from Dave Ramsey and about careers from Dan Miller and others.  The “others” I will get to at a later time.  In all honesty,  I do not not know where to start with this blogging…

In all honesty, I know where to start… with the honestly that I do not know.  This is the diving board.  I created the platform: The URL and the accounts and I am jumping in.  You will see me in the deep end and the shallow end.  I have the desire to share, but have not done so.   I will be working on a personal mission statement, sharing my goals and fears and all around just sharing.  This will be just getting thoughts and feelings out so I can get them out of my skull and gleen from others and hopefully and encourage others along the way…

I can go on for a long time, but I rather not jump on the board to long…

Join me on my journey


The water is just right

How did you come across this page?

i love you,

K, bye